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ImportantRead EVERY SENTENCE in this write-up VERY CAREFULLY. In time you will look back and consider today, perhaps, the most important day of your life.


If you learn the things that am about to teach you right now - money will no longer be an issue in your life. Ever.

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    • If you can check your email yourself you can do it.
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    "IK. Iroegbu has designed a beautiful MONEY MAKING MACHINE for Nigerians...".

    - Mr. CHRIS EGBULONU O. Consultant, Directhick Management & Consulting.,

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    - AJAYI OLUWAFEMI ADEKUNLE. Victoria Island, Lagos.,

    April 24, 2014

    From the desk of Iroegbu Ikechukwu PN; Internet Business Consultant, Teacher and Resource Person.


    Hello Fellow Nigerian,

    I am sorry if you don't find me very polite. Well, that's because I am not here to make friends or to entertain, but to offer much needed financial help to serious minded people.

    If what you want is proven information; ideasmethods and techniques you can use to start making money on the internet legitimately within the next 24 hours, then that's what I will give to you.


    However, if what you want is some fraudulent enterprise or a get-rich-quick program; please you can kindly leave this website now and never is my pleasure to disappoint you.

    The things am about to teach you are very easy to do, and like every other legitimate enterprise,  you will always have to do something that will benefit someone else in return for any money you will make.


    This other person might be in Amsterdam, New York, Nigeria, Singapore or in any other part of the world.

    Doing something that benefits someone else is simply the only reason why you or anyone else will make money online.


    I am aware that there are certain people who 'earn' money online by proceeding in direct opposition to my last statement. 

    However, I'll wish to add that they can never be able to make as much money as you - when you learn what am about to teach you.


    Besides, their 'income' is not steady and they live in the constant fear of being apprehended by the authorities.

    Perhaps, their worst disadvantage is that they rob themselves of their resourcefulness and the ability to earn money LEGITIMATELY.


    Which means that they will find it very difficult to 're-train' their minds to make money, should they change and decide to engage in non-fraudulent undertakings.


    Making money Online is exactly as it is in offline businesses, where you can only get paid by: manufacturing say a car which benefits someone else, giving someone a hair cut or by engaging in any other economic activity which benefits and adds value to another persons life.


    "The Internet is the biggest Marketplace in the world. Online transactions in 2013 amounted to over USD $1.2 Trillion".


    What You Don't Know Costs You Money...

    Let's assume you are speeding to Lagos at 100 km/h in your beautiful new car, and then there's this BIG broken down trailer dangerously positioned at your next sharp bend.

    How much will not knowing about this broken down trailer cost you?

    Or what if a rich uncle of yours dies and leaves you (yes you!) N100 million in his Will. However, because you do not have this information, his lawyer pockets all this money that really belonged to you.


    How much has not-knowing cost you in both cases? In the second case, just N100 million. In the first, maybe your life.

    You are obviously very lucky to have stumbled upon my website. Actually, the things I am going to teach you are not really secrets at all, they are only secrets because you do not presently know about them.

    As a good example, before 1956 when oil was discovered in Nigeria at Oloibiri, we had lots of oil right under our feet, but we never made a single penny out of it - because it's existence was a total secret to us.


    Additionally, we do not have more electricity or the raw materials for cars in the world today than we had 2000 years ago.

    The people from back then didn't enjoy electricity, cars, GSM phones and several of the modern privileges we enjoy today not because these things or their raw materials never existed then, but because they had not discovered the 'secrets' involved in obtaining them.


    This is equally how it is in your everyday life. Right now, there are several good things going on around you, but you can never be able to take advantage of them or enjoy them if you do not even know that they exist.


    A good case in point is making money on the Internet which I am going to teach you right now. You'd simply be a total fool to think that money isn't made on the Internet. You'd better look at these facts:


    Did You Know That...

    • The total amount of Online transactions in 2012 amounted to over USD $1.2 Trillion and is estimated to grow to over USD $1.8 Trillion in year 2016?.

    • The popular website Facebook which offer you services for free is worth over USD $170 billion.

    • The popular Search Engine, is worth $400 billion, and it is currently the biggest media company in the world.
    • It is bigger than notables like Time Warner, the company which owns Time Magazine, CNN & America Online; it is bigger than Viacom, the owners of MTV and Paramount Pictures.
    • In fact, Google alone is worth more than all the companies quoted in the Nigerian Stock Market combined! This includes Mobil, OANDO, Nigerian Breweries, Zenith and all the other banks (combined!).
    • A single share costs more than $1,000 a piece - that's more than N150,000!  (compare this to that of say Zenith bank that sold for about N50 - when the going was good).

    • The owner of Newscorp, Rupert Mudorch paid $580 million to purchase Can you also believe is free to use?

    • Some years backGoogle paid a whooping $1.65 Billion to acquire just like MySpace also has nothing for sale too - it is completely free to register and use.

    • The domain name was sold for a record $7,000,000! In case you have no idea, domain names cost just $10/yr to obtain! Get it?


    Now, ask yourself this question: "Why would Rupert Mudorch, and several other companies and individuals too numerous to mention, spend so much money to acquire websites which have nothing for sale?"

    Besides, "How are these websites worth so much and how did that much money come about?"


    The answers to the these questions are the secrets to making money online, and the reasons why the Internet is so overwhelmingly profitable. These answers are what I will reveal to you.

    "If you do not fancy working yourself to death in order to earn a living...these opportunities are precisely for you."


    The Good News is...

    You do not have to start something as big or as complicated as Google, YouTube or Facebook to make money Online. I only used the few examples above to show you the huge money making potential which the internet represents.


    What you really need to learn is how small players like you and me can earn a reasonable income in our own 'little' way...if you'd call earning as much as N450,000 or more per monthly - little.


    So what profitable Internet business opportunities are open to me as a beginner and as a Nigerian?


    This is exactly what I am going to show you right now. For your information, I've ACTIVELY been on the Internet now for more than 9 years and have acquired lots of hands on experience (not when I started checking my email like you damn it!).


    And after using myself as a 'live laboratory' to test several of the 'Online Jobs' out there. I simply found that several of them are outright scams, some of them legitimate but with little or no profit potential, others too advanced and complicated for beginners.

    Or simply unsuitable for people who do not live in the United States, Europe or other more developed countries.


    However, I did find a few opportunities that are:

    1. Very suitable for Nigerians.

    2. Easy to engage in and make money from.

    3. Very profitable, and

    4. Absolutely simple to run.

    Sounds too good to be true right? Well, lucky for you, it's true.


    Let me Introduce you to 8 Easy, Simple and Profitable Internet Job Opportunities You Can Use to Start Earning Money in Nigeria - Beginning Today!


    As you can see, I've already taken all the risk of discovering these things on your behalf, all you have to do is profit & benefit from my years of hands-on Internet experience...while avoiding several of the costly mistakes that I made.

    Below are some highly profitable Internet Opportunities you can begin making money from in Nigeria immediately:


    1.) Income Opportunity #1: Google AdWords/Affiliate Marketing:

     "Start earning money in 1 hour 15 minutes flat!"


    This is unarguably the world's fastest, easiest and cheapest business to start.

    It is so cheap that you can start it with less than $25 (N4,100), so profitable that some people earn more than $1 million dollars from it annually, and so fast that you can begin earning money from it in less than 1 hour! 


    And the earning potential keeps increasing daily.

    You do not need to own a product, service or website of your own and about 2 hrs of browsing a week would be enough for you.


    Here's How It Works:

    Affiliate Programs: More than 5 billion times daily, people from all over the world use to search for products and services they want to purchase online.

    (Read that again - Yes, 5 BILLION times daily!).


    More than 70% of these people have credit cards or other means for online payment (e.g. PayPal). At 5 billion searches daily, you will agree with me that gets lots of visitors.


    Affiliate programs involve your partnering with different websites on the Internet which have items for sale.These items could be phones, books, e-Books, furniture, electronics, cars, jewelries, web-hosting, bags, boats - you name it!


    Forming a partnerships like this is very simple. It only involves your filling out a form - just as if you are opening a new email account!


    Now, since lots of people are already searching for lots and lots of different products and services to purchase. You simply partner with any website/company which their products are in demand and then place adverts on for them. 


    For each sale you help any website/company you partner with, they pay you a commission (a percentage).

    These adverts you place on Google are called Google AdWords. They appear to the right of your search results.


    If you have used Google to search for anything before, you must have seen the AdWords adverts placed by other people.


    On the average, commissions are about $30 (depending on the product). You can easily earn more than $500 daily from doing just this. Don't worry if you do not completely understand it right now, it's really very simple and I will make it clearer for you.


    Google AdWords: They are those little text boxes that appear to the right of your search results on It is a very efficient advertising system developed by Google.

    It costs you only $5 dollars to register and you are charged only when someone clicks on your advert. The minimum cost per click is about $0.05 (5 cents).


    How do they know the sale was made through my advert?

    Whenever you choose an affiliate product to promote from an Affiliate Network such as ClickBank, FastSpring or Plimus, you are given a unique tracking code which is used to know whenever someone buys through your advert.

    And whenever someone does, the sale is unfailingly credited to you.


    In all cases, a "cookie" (small computer program) is placed on the persons computer so that you are still credited with the sale if the person comes back to buy later - instead of the first time they visit.


    *Note: doesn't accept registrations from Nigeria. However, I'll show you how you can easily get a London address and how to cash easily your checks here in Nigeria. AND even a faster way to get paid WEEKLY with a Payoneer MasterCard!


    Affiliate Networks are huge directories of Affiliate Products and services you can begin advertising on today. My best Affiliate Network is because they specialize only in digital downloadable products such as ebooks, tutorials, guides, music, software, etc.


    I prefer promoting digital downloadable products in place of tangibles like Cell Phones, Plasma TV's, Toys, Cars, etc because digital products sell like hot cakes! Their prices are mostly not expensive and additionally people are mostly on the Internet for information, hence people buy them more.


    Furthermore, you could earn as much as 75% commissions on each sale you bring in. Note that the owners of tangible products like cars, watches, etc cannot afford to pay you as much as 75% commissions - that's why ClickBank is my favourite.


    They've also paid out about $2.5 Billion to their affiliates and vendors! sends out commission checks on the 15th of every month (They've paid out . To sign up for Google AdWords costs only $5 and is free to join. I'll get back to this.


    2.) Income Opportunity # 2: Selling Information; Info Products/Digital Publishing.

    "Create or buy an Information product once and then sell or resell it a million times!"

    "There are several thousands upon thousands of eBooks & software with FULL resell-rights* flying all over the net"

    *A book or software with resell-rights means that the producer/creator legally permits you to resell it as if it is your own.


    If this title doesn't impress you, I think you should think again. Mankind is presently at the most advanced stage they have ever seen...and interestingly, it has been called the INFORMATION AGE!

    Why do you think powerful companies like Microsoft were able to get so big? Microsoft's market capitalization is valued at about USD $314 billion and they once crossed the $500 billion mark!


    Now listen carefully, Microsoft produces a software ONCE and then copies it into as many CD's as their machines can burn. A good empty DVD sells for about N250 but when it has Microsoft software inside, it skyrockets to more than N30,000!

    Yes, and if you're surprised, I guess you've been patronizing pirated Microsoft software.


    Additionally, before you can add a few other basic programs to your computer, the total cost would be close to a hundred thousand naira!

    If you can understand this very concept that I am driving at, you can truly have the world in your very pocket because it is the very secret behind the most successful businesses in the world. Literally selling thin-air!


    "Publish any type of book with zero naira cost - then make a killing of 100% profits selling it online!"

    That was for Microsoft, now how does this fabulous concept affect you? Good. You are aware that if someone wants to publish a book, that they first go through a lot of tiring hassles.


    Gone are the days when you'll have to go through a 100 publishers, dozens of editors and then raise huge funds just because you want to get your book in print. Now you can publish a book of more than a thousand pages without spending a dime.

    And with one of such books online you could be making a fortune.

    So what can you write about?

    Absolutely anything! You can write on any area where you have specialized knowledge. By specialized knowledge I do not mean the latest object astronauts dug up from the moon!

    There is certainly some knowledge you have that is unique to you which someone else can benefit from. It could be your knowledge in:

    • GSM Repairs
    • Carpentry
    • A text book
    • Weight Loss
    • Cooking/Recipes
    • Restaurant Management
    • Events Management
    • Fish Farming
    • Poultry farming
    • How to secure a visa easily
    • Investing in the Nigerian stock market
    • A Novel
    • Marriage Counselling
    • Video Gaming
    • FOREX Trading
    • Dating
    • Football betting
    • Sex guides

    You get it!? ANYTHING, whatever you are knowledgeable in. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you find out the number of people online who are willing to pay for the information and knowledge you have.


    Now do the figures. If you sell this your e-book which cost you nothing to publish, besides what it cost you to acquire the knowledge, at N6,000. If you end up selling just 500 copies every month; you tell me - how much money would you have made?

    You can figure that out for yourself!


    "You do not need to write your own book! Just Buy one with Resell-Rights!"

    Finally, you do not have to write a book yourself in order to make money from selling information Online. There are thousands of written materials already out there with full RESELL RIGHTS.

    A product or material with resell rights means that you can sell the material to other people without it being illegal to do so - as if you actually wrote it!

    You've Not Seen Anything Yet!

    Hey, this is just a tip of the iceberg. The above are just SHORT OVERVIEWS of only two of the eight Internet business opportunities you can easily begin in Nigeria today.

    And as I said earlier, there are six more of these opportunities that you can benefit from.

    I have compiled a comprehensive STEP-BY-STEP eBook for YOU on all these eight Income Opportunities. This manual is titled: 'e-Money'. With it, it's just as if you're are being led by the hand.


    It's so comprehensive that nothing is left out, and so simple to understand that even a total dummy will find it as easy as ABC.

    There's simply no way you won't make money from at least one these Eight businesses!

    Below Are The Additional Businesses You Will Learn From This e-Book:

    3.) Income Opportunity #3: Online Currency Trading/ePayments & Account Funding.

    "Make money Online buying and selling money"

    Learn how you can earn money funding Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Credit Cards & PayPal accounts for people.


    4.) Income Opportunity #4: How To Take Your Present Offline Business Online And Make It 100 Times More Profitable.

    "Multiply your present income by 100%"

    Learn how you can dramatically increase the profitability of your present business by taking your transactions online. Learn how you can begin selling your products and services online, increasing your customer base thereby boosting your profits.


    5.)Income Opportunity #5: Internet 'Real Estate' - How To Make Money From Google AdSense.

    "Earn money by just sitting in between and millions of Online advertisers"

    Learn how you can make money from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. You are paid each time a visitor to your website clicks on any Google AdSense advert you have displayed on your website.

    This is not a scam. Remember I told you that is worth over $400 Billion, well this is one of the ways they make their money.


    Here they serve as 'agents' between people who want to attract visitors to their websites and people who have advertisement space on their own website. It doesn't matter if what you have is a free website or not.

    You get sent a check when you earn up to $100. It is the revenue source behind,several Nigerian newspaper websites and blogs, and so many other MEGA successful online businesses.


    6.)Income Opportunity #6: How To Make Money From Mailing Lists And Newsletter Publishing.

    "Make money from publishing e-Newsletters, e-Zines and from email marketing"

    Learn how you can start an Online publication plus how to build a HUGE database of people who you can regularly sell your products and services to.


    You can set up all the content you want to send to your readers for a full year in a single day - and then forget about it! Whenever the dates you have chosen arrive, you newsletter or e-zine autoresponder willautomatically send your publication to all your subscribers.

    Publishing a newsletter costs you almost nothing. The only cost is paying for the autoresponder service.


    7.) Income Opportunity #7: How To Make Money By Owning An Online Shop/Store.

    "Own the perfect shop or store. Expand your customer base from just your state, city or street to everybody in Nigeria and watch your sales go to the roof!"

    Keep your doors open 24/7 and make sales round the clock. Expand from a small timer to a BIG nationwide store.

    Discover the secret behind online stores like Jumia & Konga. Tips on how you can use OPM (Other People's Money) included.


    8.) Income Opportunity #7: How To Make Money From Website Designing And Hosting.

    "Learn web designing in 1 day! Plus make money selling or reselling Online 'Plots' "

    Web designing is absolutely ten times easier than you think and besides you do not even need to know how to write HTML, CSS or JavaScript codes to be able to design a website.


    You can easily use website templates or What You See IS What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors like Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia DreamWeaver to easily design websites.

    Using templates or WYSIWYG editors makes the design as simple as typing up a document in Microsoft Word!

    Are you ready to take charge of your financial future?

    For those who want turn their financial lives around this year. I have prepared a SUCCESS KIT ebook package that will help you achieve it and lots more. This success kit is called: 'The eMoney Wealth Package' (2014 Edition) and it is going to make a lot of difference in your finances.

    It is a take me by the hand (Step-by-step) guide on the 8 easy, simple and highly profitable Internet businesses that you were introduced to above. It teaches about these businesses in detail so that people with little or no Internet experience can understand and apply what it contains.

    BORIGCOMM NIGERIA [Registered Under the Laws of The Federal Republic of Nigeria - With the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Reg. no: 155202] Presents:

    The eMoney eBook Manual.


    eMoney eBook Cover

    Here Are The Things You Will Learn From The eMoney eBook:

      1. How To Easily Make Money From Google AdWords (Affiliate Marketing).

      2. How To Easily Make Money From Info Products & Digital Publishing.

      3. How To Easily Make Money From Online Currency Trading/ePayments & Account Funding.

      4. How to Easily take your present offline business Online and make it 100 times more profitable.

      5. Internet 'Real Estate'; How to Easily make money from Google AdSense.

      6. How to Easily Make Money from Mailing Lists and Newsletter Publishing.

      7. How to Easily Make Money From owning an Online Shop/Store.

      8. How to Easily Make money from Website Designing and hosting.

      9. Plus Several other Wonderful & Exciting Bonuses.

        In addition to these:

        • You'll get access to our MEMBER'S ONLY forum, where you can interact with like minded Nigerians who are netpreneurs like you - so you can continually improve and make more money.

        • I am also available to coach you in real time. I'll offer you a 24 online support by email and phone.

        • Offer you a subscription to my SuccessCapsule Newsletter valued at N23,500 per year. The Success Capsule Newsletter is Packed with money making tips, ideas, business opportunities and advice - which will also help you to make more money.


          "Timely! For a long time Nigerians have desired to join the league of nations that have access to money making on the web. This book has brought home all the information we need. I will encourage every person who desires to make money on the web to grab this book. It will empower you. Kudos to Mr IK for a job well done."

          - Mr. OBIOMA ANYANWU,



          Free Bonus # 1: [Special Report]: How To Easily Raise Capital In Nigeria With Or Without Collateral. (Cash Value = N5,000. Yours Free!)

          Easy Capital1



          Learn Proven Strategies That Will Help You Raise Much Needed Capital In Nigeria For Your Dreams And Business Ideas.


          Free Bonus # 2: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. (Cash Value = N3,000. Yours Free!)

          This ebook will teach you how to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations with unfailing mathematical certainty. It will help you understand the good things and wonderful positions which God wants for you in life. Then it goes further to teach you how to achieve them.


          Free Bonus # 3: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen(Cash Value = N2,500. Yours Free!)


          As A Man Thinketh

          This timeless classic written around 1902 is simply priceless! It has inspired millions of people around the world.

          Some notable people whom it influenced include Norman Vincent Peale (the famous author of the mega best-seller:The Power of Positive Thinking), Earl Nightingale andAnthony Robbins.

          You will certainly have a story to tell after reading this ebook!


          Free Bonus # 4: How To Make Money From Blogging. (Cash Value = N5,500. Yours Free!)



          Get comprehensive step-by-step details on how to set-up your own cash spinning blog.

          Free Bonus # 5: How To Drive Serious Traffic To Your Website. (Cash Value = N3,500. Yours Free!)


          Traffic Secrets



          Learn ways you can easily use to attract profit-pulling traffic to your website.


          Free Bonus #6 (Conditional): FOREX Trading Tutorial Manual. (Cash Value = N10,000. Yours Free!)





          The next 20 persons to order the eMoney Wealth Package will get a comprehensive tutorial eBook Manual on FOREX Trading at my expense.



          What Will This Special Offer Cost Me?

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          eMoney Price

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          What Other Nigerians Like You Have To Say...


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          Words cannot express just how I feel...I received your package and honestly, I'm shaking with excitement; I can't wait to begin!

          A breath of fresh air, that's how I'd describe you. Good to know there are Nigerians out there who are full of integrity and true to their word.

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          Thanks for the package...really impressed at your speed of delivery, really tells a lot about you...Most of my friends were really shocked, they even bet it was the 'Usual Scam' and you disappointed them. One Nigerian out of a million.

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          Thank you very much for the ebooks. I am most grateful for your efforts. The books are fantastic.

          Even though i have a laptop connected to the internet, I printed the books out because I like them so much. I will definitely call on you whenever I need further clarifications, even for a fee.

          Thanks for helping Nigerians. I am a journalist with Kogi State Newspaper.

          - Abdul Samson Aji , Lokoja, Kogi State.

          Thanks for keeping to your promised. The speed at which you respond and deliver the eMoney package is unprecedented.

          Thanks for showing me the door to money making; very soon I shall be speaking in more practical terms. Once again thank you.

          Best regards

          - Emmanuel Isaac, Ahoada, Rivers State.

          Hi Ike,

          Compliments of the day. My name is Vynno Martyns,im glad to know there are still some honest Nigerians out there, when i was paying the 5g into your account, I was really skeptical about the whole thing as i have been duped time after time through the same means.

          But before I could say Jack Robinson, I got my ebooks (all the ones you promised). In fact, since i got these books, I have not slept (3 days now). I have been sitting at the edge of my seat amazed at the contents.

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          Thanks a lot. this is just to acknowledge the receipt of all the things you promised to send if we make payment. I am overwhelmed by the fulfillment of your promises. May God reward your faithfulness. Thank you once again.

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          It's estimated that out of all the people employed in the workforce today, that only 5 out of every 100 will Retire independently wealthy. This means that only 5% of the people working today will be able to survive without any financial support at the end of their working days. Isn't this pathetic? Only 5%?


          "I was once this, I was once that, I used to..."

          I trust you are a very observant person. Do you always notice that the living standards of most people happen to go down at the end of their working days? Do you take notice of statements such as these: "I used to be a manager in that company""I used to have an official residence""I used to own that car"," I used to visit Europe and the US twice yearly". Very sad indeed.


          Your life will unfailingly follow this same trend unless you oppose it to the contrary. To secure the kind of financial future you want, you must begin today to act accordingly. Times have changed. Officially, job security is now a thing of the past.


          We presently live in very uncertain times, with fast paced change and very terrible consequences to people who do not adapt quickly.


          If you are really aware of what is presently happening in this country today, you will know that you can have a 'secure' job on Monday but by Tuesday you're out of it - irrespective of your position in the establishment. Remember that even the CEOs of several banks had to step aside during the Banking Consolidation.


          It has already happened to several thousands of Nigerians who thought they were best (or who were actually the best). It happened to the best in the Oil Companies, the best in the Banks and even to lowly Civil Servants whom the supposedly 'benevolent' Government employed!


          Job security today does not lie in working for any 'big, secure' establishment. It lies in your own ability to do something on your own - at any given time. To be financially secure today, you have to adapt to the new nature of things. You have to adapt to The Era of Zero Job Security and the Age of Mega Successful Small businesses.


          You will agree with me that Nigeria is still a developing country and that we are still passing through stages that all developed countries have already passed through.


          Now, whatever it is called; retrenchmentdownsizingrightsizing, corporate restructuring,streamliningflatteningoutsourcing or re-organization

          What it simply means is that INNOCENT workers LOST and will still continue to LOSE their jobs! It has just begun here in Nigeria and it is coming fast.

          It a stage every developing economy passes through (in a bid for greater efficiency) and Nigeria has just gotten to it. It is the stage of trying to achieve more with less workers - in order to cut costs and boost profits. The reasoning is: if one person can do the work of three, why not sack two and save money?


          It has happened and still happens in the US, Europe and every other developed place. If you've been in Nigeria, I bet you've not been missing headlines such as these:


          • SHELL to lay off 20% of it's staff.

          • FG to sack 33,000 workers.

          • Sokoto State Government sacks 2,000 workers.

          • 51,000 railway workers sacked without benefits.

          • Over 30 million Nigerians Unemployed.

          • 500,000 workers pencilled down for retrenchment nationwide.

          • CBN sacks 600 workers.

          • Access Bank to sack all Polytechnic graduates (whether you have a first class or not!) plus all their University graduates with less than 21.

          • Nigerian Airways to sack 1000 of it's 2,300 employees.

          • 13,000 dock (Nigerian Ports Authority) workers to be sacked.


          It has only just begun! As a case in point consider the banks again, you think it's over? Why did you think they were forced to join-up (consolidate) knowing fully that lots of staff casualties were going to result?

          The answer is that they lacked strength and could not compete globally with other financial institutions. We've only just taken one step in the right direction and there are still several more left.


          Do you know that the combined capitalization of all the 25 Nigerian banks are less than that of some banks in the US, Europe and even a bank in South Africa?

          I guess you're getting the picture and that you can see that there's obviously going to be some more consolidation in the banking sector. It might not happen tomorrow but it not far off either. Now, this is just the banks we talked about, this is how it will be with other sectors of the economy as well.


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          Robert G. Allen, Author: Multiple Streams of Income.

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